Facility Management

staySky Resort Management are committed to providing a fully comprehensive, highly personalized facility management service that will result in sustained growth in sales and profits for your development, and help to ensure its long term care and protection.

Our primary mission is to create value for investors, associates and occupants in every hotel, resort and condominium we manage by focusing on two crucial goals: a positive experience for your guest, and excellent maintenance of your development. Both are made possible by our on-site staff, who are inspired to provide the best service to both unit owners and guests at all times.

We base our success on results, delivered by attracting, developing and retaining superior quality personnel who work as a team to out-perform the competition through aggressive marketing and sales programs, superior performance in identifying and addressing customer needs, and effective financial management and controls.

Our clients are provided with an innovative, customized business plan consisting of budgets, marketing objectives, cost controls, standardized purchasing procedures, employee training, life safety issues, insurance claim control and preventative maintenance procedures for the entire commercial site as well as each individual unit. We also establish well-defined accounts payable and receivable procedures, along with all necessary tools to effectively manage cash flow.

In the condominium-hotel environment, we can also provide all necessary budgeting, accounting and financial reporting for individual unit owner, while ensuring each is given the personal attention they require.

Preventative maintenance is both understood and highly valued at staySky Resort Management. As part of our business plan for your property, we provide a cost-effective plan solution to your maintenance needs which addresses your immediate goals while aligning with a long-term capital budget that ensures the future success of your investment.

For more information about staySky Resort Management’s facility management services, please call (407) 992-0430.

It has definitely been a great experience and this is one of the best management companies I have ever been involved with.

Owner-Hawthorn Suites Lake Buena Vista